Youngstown Secondary School Community Advocates for Nonviolence

Holding signs displaying  Martin Luther King Jr.’s six principles of nonviolence, roughly a dozen Summit Academy Secondary School – Youngstown students, along with parents and some school alumni joined School Culture Coordinator Greta Glenellen in the 12th Annual Ohio Nonviolence Week Parade and Rally. Held on October 2 in downtown Youngstown, the parade has become … Continued

Akron Elementary Students Delight in Cheer Camp

“All the way to the top. That’s where we’re going to be. Summit Academy is the best you will ever see.” The cheer came through loud and clear from the voices of the 24 Summit Academy Akron Elementary students who participated in the school’s recent cheer camp. The free, four-day camp was led by nationally … Continued

Basketball Great-Turned Summit Academy Teacher Rallies for All Students

Wanda Ford delivers her authentic brand of optimism to students at Summit Academy Community School – Parma daily. Few of the school’s K-12 students know she holds a place in American history as a basketball great. Instead, they know her as Miss Wanda, their physical education teacher, the one with the upbeat attitude and belief … Continued

Summit Academy aims to become a school district of excellence in literacy

Curriculum Administrator Jessica Hahn and her colleagues want to transform Summit Academy into a school district of literacy excellence. The ambitious goal applies to both literacy instruction from staff members and literacy achievement by students. The goal is most certainly within reach, says Hahn, explaining that Summit Academy’s Reading Framework has already laid the groundwork … Continued

Mackenzie Bogaards joins Summit Academy Community School and Summit Academy Middle School – Columbus

Amid the new faces at Summit Academy, Mackenzie Bogaards’ is front and center at Summit Academy Community School and Summit Academy Middle School – Columbus. As the schools’ new administrative assistant, Bogaards is responsible for managing attendance and student records, responding to family inquiries, serving as Principal Cheryl Elliott’s right-hand associate and supporting a plethora … Continued

Vision is Everything at Summit Academy Secondary School -Youngstown

Kierra Williams, an aspiring entrepreneur and passionate baker, is starting the school year off by setting ambitious goals for her future: to attend college and open a bakery. Williams is a student at Summit Academy Secondary School – Youngstown. She and her classmates in teacher Brock Schaller’s social studies class got a jumpstart on the … Continued

Summit Academy – Youngstown Showers Students with First-Day-Back-to-School Fanfare

The first day back to school today at Summit Academy – Youngstown was not short on fanfare. One-by-one, students walked up a red carpet to their 144 N. Shenley Ave. school doors where they were greeted with hoorays, handshakes, applause, high-fives and even a couple of hugs from school administrators. Principal Rebecca “Becky” Ellis says … Continued

Summit Academy Schools Welcome New Directors

Kelly Cunningham, Rebecca Ellis, Tina Geygan, Jasmine Rengh and Amy Smialek have been named directors, respectively, of Summit Academy Community School – Painesville, Summit Academy – Youngstown, Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus, Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners – Lorain and Summit Academy School – Lorain. The newly installed directors collectively expressed … Continued

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