Because our students learn at different paces, our instructional model is tiered instruction.  Our tier one students are instructed at grade-level. Tier two students need accommodations to access grade-level curriculum.  Tier three students need intensive intervention in addition to grade-level instruction.

  • Instruction is differentiated to meet individual student needs
  • Assessment data determines student tier placement and drives instructional decisions
  • We promote co-teaching and teacher collaboration as best practice

Since our students learn best in different ways, teachers are expected to present content with short lessons that use a variety of learning styles.  We emphasize hands-on, engaging, student-centered lessons. Appropriate integration of technology is encouraged. Use a mixture of grouping strategies is also implemented. Small groups are best if you teach kids with widely divergent skill levels. We use small groups most of the time in reading and math. In science and social studies we use the grouping that makes the best pedagogical sense. Students are given opportunities to show what they know with a variety of activities spanning the multiple intelligences.

In line with state requirements and our goal of preparing our students to be successful in their adult lives, career preparation and financial literacy are taught beginning in middle school.

Summit Academy uses a blend of teacher-created materials, vendor-based materials, and instructional software to enrich the academic curriculum. Materials are chosen to reflect the needs of visual, hands-on learners that span a great many performance levels within a single aged-based classroom.