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“They are definitely family. You can tell that every single person has a vested interest in how my kids do and how they feel.” Read more
– Trisha Long, Summit Academy – Toledo parent
“The teachers at Summit are caring and understanding of students’ needs.” Read more
– Rebecca Spears, Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus parent
“Summit Academy has literally been a life changer for Collan and our family …When we found Summit right before his freshman year, we found an environment of acceptance and accommodation, along with sincerity and love from the teachers and staff.  Collan not only improved … he soared, experienced success, and came out at the top as salutatorian… Read more
April Long, Summit Academy Transition High School - Dayton parent
“The teachers go above and beyond to help my children.” Read more
Teresa Messer, Cincinnati Transition High School Parent
“The staff and teachers of Summit Academy are fantastic. My daughter loves attending school there. I so appreciate how they work with her needs. We couldn’t ask for a more supportive environment!”   Read more
Emily M., Columbus parent
I wish that the teachers I have had the privilege of my children being taught by them knew just how much of an impact they’ve had. My son didn’t talk until starting kindergarten at Summit. These men and women who have been called to be teacher[s] and staff there are the closest I feel I will ever get to being in the presence of a TRUE super HERO!!!… Read more
Bee Brown (parent of sixth-grader), Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners - Canton
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do. Last year I felt so defeated. Karyna was calling home every day of school with headaches or stomachaches asking to come home. She didn’t go to recess to help avoid being picked on. My heart broke for my child constantly. I know there were still the tummy aches and headaches but you and her te… Read more
Aimee DeCarlo, Warren Elementary Mom
I have experienced firsthand the great things Summit Secondary Middletown does with its students. My brother was a student here growing up. After finishing a year of teaching at a school where I was very unhappy, I started my search for a new position and school. When I came in to interview, I immediately knew this is where I wanted to be. I felt c… Read more
Middletown Secondary Staff Member
Summit Academy is indeed a special place. No two days are ever the same. No two students are the same. Each student has a different story and they have their own challenges. This is what make Summit Academy a special place to work. Nothing can compare to the excitement of watching a student’s face when they overcome a challenge or make advancemen… Read more
Middletown Secondary Staff Member
I work at Summit Academy because I have the opportunity to work with kids and families who really need the guidance and leadership of teachers who have Summit’s mission as an educational necessity.  Every day brings new challenges and new successes for students who have been denied the opportunity to thrive at school in the traditional education… Read more
Middletown Secondary Staff Member