• About 1/3 of our students with special needs have this disorder. The behavior associated with ADHD is categorized as one of three things: inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.
  • Memory problems are a frequent addition to the behaviors mentioned above. Many of our students have a difficult time with working memory.
  • Lessons are student-centered, interesting, and include talking and movement to keep help students with ADHD stay focused on learning.

Summit Academy Schools are specifically designed for students with ADHD, ADD, and ADD Spectrum Disorder, so our staff understands how people with ADHD act, develop, and learn. Instructors who are not aware of the special ways of learning of a child with ADHD may dismiss the child as having bad behavior and an unwillingness to learn, but our instructors at Summit Academy know that it takes a little more patience and caring. We have programs like Therapeutic Martial Arts so that if a student is feeling too hyperactive, he or she may get out that extra energy and frustration through healthy physical activity.