Having a proper educational experience where children with learning differences can thrive is invaluable. Fortunately, for the families of nearly 2,500 children in Ohio with autism and ADHD, Summit Academies Schools provides these experiences.

But those experiences come with a cost – one that isn’t fully funded through state and federal dollars or through property taxes typically available to public, non-charter schools.

What is Summit Educational Foundation

Summit Educational Foundation exists to raise funds and awareness for Summit Academy Schools and bridge the gap between the state/federal funding and the cost to educate each student. The foundation uses donations to help create successful learning environments for educators, students and families through investments in professional development, teacher salaries, programs and equipment.

Gifts to Summit Educational Foundation may be used to: 

  • Purchase supplies, classroom tools and learning resources to assist teachers in providing a positive classroom experience for all students.
  • Provide co-curricular activities in our schools such as therapeutic martial arts, clubs, art, music and social activities.
  • Give teachers more resources and support to attend professional development and learning opportunities.
  • Renovate current school buildings to be more inclusive to provide quiet, safe places for students when they need it.

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