Art is an important part of the curriculum at Summit Academy. It allows our students to express themselves in a healthy, creative way. It is a wonderful experience for any child to make a work of art and feel proud that he/ she created it. Painting, drawing, collaging, etc. are positive ways to get out frustration and work out bad feelings. Students are also exposed to the work of their peers, which gives them the opportunity to appreciate what the other students are creating and work in an uplifting, creative environment. Just like our other programs at Summit Academy, Art is taught in a therapeutic way to cater to our students with social, emotional, and cognitive impairments.


Like Art, Music is another productive way to release frustration, anger, and anxiety that the students may feel during the day. Singing in a group requires focus and team work, skills that carry into all other aspects of our students’ lives. Music is very often the students’ favorite class because they get to move around and release energy. Our Art and Music programs are also a way to broaden students’ interests and provide them a well-rounded educational experience.