Summit Academy Akron Middle School student Bentley Yeagley is a published author. His short story “Avalanche,” which he penned as a fifth-grade student at Summit Academy Akron Elementary School, was published by Young Writers.

Aspiring writer Bentley Yeagley practices his craft with heart and intention. He uses sophisticated writing techniques such as similes and intriguing plots that draw readers into his stories. It’s no wonder that at age 11, Bentley is already a published author.

Bentley’s short story “Avalanche,” which he wrote last year as a fifth-grade student at Summit Academy Akron Elementary School, is published in “Annual Showcase 2023: Inspiration Speaks” by Young Writers. Worldwide Young Writers was established in 1991 to encourage young writers to read, write and enjoy poetry and creative writing.

Under the guidance of teachers Cody Durbin and Kathryn Miller, Bentley wrote his winning piece as part of a narrative writing class assignment.

“He chose from a few of his samples he completed through the year and that story was his favorite piece,” says Miller, who submitted the story to the competition.

Bentley, who is now in sixth grade at Summit Academy Akron Middle School, built his story with action, adventure and emotion.

“I wanted to do something interesting with a natural disaster,” explains Bentley, whose story is placed in mountainous Nepal, which Bentley rolls out with descriptive flair. Consider his line: “The snow had looked like tiny fairies falling down from the sky.”

Bentley says his passion, confidence and skill as a writer have developed over time and with practice. In fifth grade, Bentley says he fell in love with writing. “Writing is a way to express yourself. It’s different from other things,” he explains. “Writing can make the world feel your emotions.”

Miller says Bentley was often found writing during social times in her class. “As a student and writer, Bentley was always very creative,” she says, also noting that he brings kindness and respectfulness with him to the classroom.

Inspired by authors such as R.L. Stine and Roald Dahl, Bentley says he enjoys their creative word crafting. “Most good books create an image in your mind using words without an actual picture,” he describes. “I’ve always loved their books.”

For his next personal chapter, Bentley says he has been brainstorming ideas for a young adult book series developed around a unique character or possibly the holidays.

Bentley’s writing chops earned him a certificate and a copy of the 203-page book from Young Writers for his published ”Avalanche.”