Dayton teacher sees greatness in her students

“There  are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” That phrase could have been coined with someone like Suzette Everhart, a third-grade teacher and intervention specialist at Summit Academy Community School in Dayton, in mind. With her associate, bachelor’s and two master’s degrees, you might think Everhart followed a typical path to higher education: graduate … Continued

Teachers Tap for Classroom Wish List Items

An armful of Etch A Sketch pads here, a few rolls of duct tape there. It all adds up. Kelly Granda, an art teacher at Summit Academy Community School in Parma, knows all too well the high cost of classroom supplies.  She discovered a resource to help keep her from dipping into her own pockets … Continued

Summit Academy Warren Middle Secondary School Selected for an ideastream(R) NewsDepth A+

“This week’s shout out is going to the students at Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners in Warren. The high school seniors here combined sustainability, entrepreneurship and…tie-dye?” -script excerpt. Please see the link below for the entire segment featuring our Warren senior’s environmental science lesson taught by Ms. Thomas. A Plus: Summit Academy Natural Dye … Continued

High school sustainability lesson evolves into a business opportunity

Beautiful Whirl’d co-owner Mary Peronne and her business partners Mary and Clint Elston dedicated shelf space at their Warren, Ohio shop for tie-dyed T-shirts made by seniors studying environmental science at Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners in Warren. Made using dyes from walnuts shells, marigolds and other objects of nature, the shirts complement Beautiful … Continued

Winning in the Classroom

Borrowing her mother’s words, Tria Hummel says she “was born to teach.” The Canton Elementary Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners teacher seems to defy common-day perceptions (perhaps, misperceptions) about teaching: that it lacks creative freedom, that students who previously slipped through the cracks cannot catch up, that teachers must be as tough as … Continued

Warren high school students make natural dyes for a classroom lesson that links science, art, sustainability and entrepreneurship

Walnut shells soaked in water, boiled, muddled and strained create a dye with a rich sepia hue. Marigolds, processed similarly, generate a pot of pink possibilities. High school seniors studying environmental science at Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners-Warren Middle and Secondary are creating dyes from nature’s objects, many of which they planted in their … Continued

Egg Drop Challenge Puts Critical Thinking to the Test

Students from Summit Academy Transition High School  in Cincinnati crafted containers with everything from duct tape to Styrofoam and put them to the test during the school’s first Egg Drop Challenge. The objective: to land an egg without breaking it. Mission accomplished. Containers designed by students Isaiah Clay, Shelby Kruse, Kendra Meiser, Madison Taylor and … Continued

Pasta Dinner Fundraiser Set Sept. 5 to Support Akron Family

The public is invited to Pasta for a Purpose, Thursday, Sept. 5, 4-9 p.m. at Summit Academy Akron Middle School, 464 S. Hawkins Ave. in Akron. The event will support the family of the late Jesse Smith, a student of the school who passed on August 17 unexpectedly.   Tickets ($5 for adults, $3 for … Continued

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