Beautiful Whirl’d co-owner Mary Peronne and her business partners Mary and Clint Elston dedicated shelf space at their Warren, Ohio shop for tie-dyed T-shirts made by seniors studying environmental science at Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners in Warren.

Made using dyes from walnuts shells, marigolds and other objects of nature, the shirts complement Beautiful Whirl’d’s environmental-friendly emphasis and overall culture and community commitment, says Peronne.

“We love the fact that they’re tie-dyed. We’re known as being the hippies on the block,” Peronne says, adding that the students’ use of natural dyes make the shirts all the more appealing. “It fits in with our core values. We try to get on board as much as possible to support causes. We appreciate our community.”

The students hope the T-shirt sales raise enough revenue to fund a senior trip to Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky at the end of the school year.

The shirts are available at Beautiful Whirl’d for $13 each.