Summit Academy Community School – Painesville Staff Serves Students’ Educational, Nutritional and Emotional Needs During Closure

At Summit Academy Community School – Painesville, all hands are on deck to help ensure students and their families receive much-needed educational, nutritional and emotional support during the school’s closure amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We enjoy being able to help support our families, and it’s a nice way to stay connected with them during these difficult times,” says Principal Frank Cheraso, referring to his staff members’ weekly distributions of food and school projects readied in “Blizzard Bags” for students and their families to pick up in a drive-up fashion.

Cheraso, who lives in Painesville, personally drops off meals and project packets each week to a few families unable to come to the school for these items due to transportation or other challenges they face.

Just yesterday, Terri Brown, an instructional assistant for the school (pictured), assembled packages of sandwich buns, lunch meats and other meal items for school families. The distributions provide enough food to help families manage through about a week. Summit Academy Community School – Painesville’s 50-some families rely on the breakfasts and lunches provided to students during typical school days.