In a chance meeting at Schmucker’s Restaurant in Toledo yesterday, Grayson McBroom Webber, a second-grader at Summit Academy Toledo, and Vice President Mike Pence shared a seat at the same table where they chatted about topics ranging from school to Grayson’s father’s service as an Army soldier.

“My son, Grayson, was very proud,” says Tonya Webber, of Toledo, recapping a moment she describes as serendipitous. “Grayson told both Vice President Pence and Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted about how he liked school and how his dad was a soldier.”

Webber went on to explain how she had the opportunity to sing Summit Academy Toledo’s praises to the vice president. She says she described a school that not only serves students with special education needs but one where staff “treat my son like they would treat their own kids. I truly feel like they love him and have his best interest,” Webber says.

The memorable exchanges left an impression not just on Grayson and his mother, but on the vice president as well. Webber says Vice President Pence gave her son a souvenir to pass on to his father, James McBroom, who retired after 21 years of military service.

“He gave Grayson his Challenge Coin to give to his dad. It’s very special,” Webber says.