Jacob Cowherd is a successful personal trainer, studying under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also is becoming certified as a case manager for Transformation Health Services in Cincinnati. What’s more, Jacob is a very big fan of his alma mater, Summit Academy Transition High School – Cincinnati. In a candid interview, he shares why…


S.A. How was Summit the right fit for you?

J.C. I feel Summit was the right fit for me because versus public schooling they were able to appropriately accommodate for the learning curves I dealt with in the past plus [with] helping me deal with my disabilities such as things like ADHD.


S.A. How would you describe Summit to someone who is unfamiliar with our school?

J.C. A smaller but close-knit school that helps accommodate kids with autism or ADHD. And, even beyond that, helps young men and women grow in an environment where they’re comfortable and able to learn at their pace.


S.A. Who was one of your favorite teachers and why?

J.C.  Lol, wow, that’s a pretty difficult one to say but if we were talking OG I would say Mr. [Tre] Davis and Ms. [Katie] Gadd for sure. Newer, I say [Rachel] Nurre and [Ashley] Jenkins! One thing I feel all these teachers had in common is that they were super transparent and kept it real with me from day 1 and pushed me regardless of the disabilities I struggled with. I loved that because I knew I was capable of much more than I thought at the time!


S.A. What was your favorite class and why?

J.C. Definitely Music, PE, and Science! I was a huge nerd when it came to science, lol, and of course most knew I was an extremely active kid … then, music is my absolute passion and something I want to pursue to this day!!


S.A. How has Summit helped you succeed in life after graduation?

J.C. I feel Summit helped instill the confidence to move towards my passion whether it was going to college or continuing my music after graduation; while being confident knowing my disability doesn’t define me but the actions I make do.


S.A. Would you recommend Summit to others?

J.C. I would definitely recommend Summit to others and I have…!