Sensei James Gydosh leads his students in a series of PE activities on their new school gym floor.

A brand-new gym floor at Summit Academy Akron Elementary School is getting plenty of practical use during students’ PE/therapeutic martial arts classes. The soft grey-tone floor made of seamless vulcanized rubber features a cushioned bottom layer to accommodate students with comfort as they participate in assorted fitness activities.

“We are so grateful for our new gym floor,” says Principal Dawn Presley. “Aesthetically, it is amazing and gives a finished look to our gymnasium. It also is so much safer than the concrete floors that we had before.”

Students at Summit Academy Akron Elementary School enjoy multiple fitness activities on their new gym floor.

A wish-list item for years, the striking floor was completed on September 12. Once started, the project moved swiftly, according to Director of Facilities Beverly Locke, expressing her satisfaction with the finished project.

“Summit Academy is committed to providing an environment where children can experience multiple physical fitness activities in a comfortable environment,” Locke says. “The gym floor certainly meets those objectives.”

Principal Presley adds, “The students love the new gym. Having a building that looks finished and new gives all a sense of pride in their school.”