Summit Academy – Toledo student Jayden receives a preview lesson on how to tie a necktie from Mu Beta Phi member and retired Navy Petty Officer Arthur Green who, along with other members of the military fraternity, will present a day of life skills to the school’s high school male students.

High school students at Summit Academy – Toledo will learn how to tie a necktie and change a tire as well as sit for stylish haircuts, all courtesy of the Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Inc. Five members of the fraternity, open to veterans who have served at least two years of service with honorable discharge, will present a day of life skills for the school’s 40-some ninth- to 12th-grade male students on Thursday, Oct. 20. The day’s events also will include presentations by a local firefighter and police officer and lunchtime conversations and camaraderie-building.

“I wanted our young men to receive these life skills by bringing them to our school door, to have [them shown by] positive male role models,” says Principal Marquita Murphy. Principal Murphy is collaborating with retired Navy Petty Officer Arthur Green to present the event.

“I didn’t know how to tie a tie until I was 21 and in the Navy,” admits Green. “Reaching out in this way and someone getting something out of it would make my day.”

In addition to delivering necktie lessons, Green also will teach students how to properly and safely change a tire – orange cones, flares and all.

Summit Academy – Toledo student Jayden aced his preview lesson on how to tie a necktie. Well done, Jayden!

Green, along with fellow military veterans Robert Hester, Anthony Longino, Troy Price and Tony Williams, all Mu Beta Phi members, will present the purposeful and action-packed day. Meanwhile, newly minted barber Quinten Dildy will give free haircuts to the students. In addition, the students will receive a new necktie courtesy of the nonprofit, service-focused fraternity dedicated to strengthening veteran and local communities.

“This is our first time trying something like this,” says Murphy, “to have these positive male role models love on the students, to help these young men in their growing up, to show them something different.”

Moving forward, Murphy says she plans to offer the program to middle school and elementary students as well as organize an event for her school’s young ladies.