Mackenzie Bogaards, administrative assistant for Summit Academy Community School and Summit Academy Middle Schools – Columbus

Amid the new faces at Summit Academy, Mackenzie Bogaards’ is front and center at Summit Academy Community School and Summit Academy Middle School – Columbus. As the schools’ new administrative assistant, Bogaards is responsible for managing attendance and student records, responding to family inquiries, serving as Principal Cheryl Elliott’s right-hand associate and supporting a plethora of staff and student needs.

“Mackenzie is a natural fit with my administrative team. They embrace her energy and personality and how she engages with us,” describes Elliott, adding that Bogaards brings valuable technology and organizational skills as well.

Bogaards says she was attracted to Summit Academy’s Columbus Elementary and Middle Schools for their culture and mission. “During my interview, I discovered a positive and welcoming environment that does so much for its students and the community and I wanted to be part of that,” says Bogaards. “I look forward to creating relationships and bonds with co-workers, families and the children here.”

Before joining Summit Academy, Bogaards was the lead teacher at the Northwest Christian Childcare Center in Columbus. During her six-year tenure at Northwest Christian, she also served as an office assistant for two years.

Bogaards graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She says she discovered her love for working with children by happenstance when a friend recommended her for the daycare teaching position, straight out of college.

Mackenzie Bogaards can be reached at 614-237-5497.