Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus Director Trina Moore and Executive Director of School Operations Chris Wheeler present a diploma to a deserving Summit Academy graduate.

After 21 years at Summit Academy, beloved educator Trina Moore will turn the page to a new chapter in her impactful career.

Called to teach at an early age, Moore says she has always felt at home in the classroom. She describes her childhood days playing teacher to her cousins.

“I would ask them to sit down and learn. I always had a chalkboard and eraser. I get excited about school and always have,” she says.

Upon her graduation from The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Art in History and post-baccalaureate coursework in education, Moore began her career in education as a teacher at Summit Academy Akron Middle School. After three years, she was promoted as the school’s director.

Graduates of Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus display their diplomas as Director Trina Moore relishes the moment and her students’ achievements, celebrated on their graduation day.

Moore went on to become the School Director for Summit Academy Elementary, Middle and High School in Columbus in 2008. She began her current role as School Director of Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus, exclusively, in 2009. She says that having all three Summit Academy Columbus schools in proximity has allowed her and her staff to witness and experience the joy of their students’ camaraderie and their growth academically and personally over the years. It’s no wonder graduation is Moore’s favorite time of year.

“Their graduation means much more to me than the tradition,” she explains. “Our kids go through so many things that hinder them. Seeing them finish what they started, climbing the hard hills; it’s beautiful to watch their growth and how much they change and evolve into adults.”

And long after their graduation, Moore’s students have made return visits to her school to share their accomplishments in the real world.  She recalls one student, in particular, who came to the high school with his military service recruiter to show him where he earned his chops.

“He took time to tell his story to his recruiter and to share his success with us. I thought it was phenomenal,” Moore says.

Executive Director of School Operations Chris Wheeler says Moore’s instinctive ability to develop authentic and purposeful relationships with parents, students and staff has served generations of the Summit Academy family invaluably.  “We greatly appreciate everything Trina has done for our schools, our families and our kids,” Wheeler says.

Reciprocally, Moore says Summit Academy has been highly supportive throughout her career.

“I appreciate management for allowing me space to grow and to support and help me develop strengths within our schools. I am super grateful for the experience,” she says. “Our team works so hard to make a difference for our kids. I couldn’t thank them enough.  Our teachers are just phenomenal, and our administrative staff is amazing.”

Moore says her strong  belief in Summit Academy’s mission and commitment to helping struggling students find avenues to success bring bittersweet emotions as she begins a new journey with her education career.

‘I will miss working with our population of kids. That’s the piece that will really be missing,” she says.