Special delivery! Summit Academy -Warren Elementary students have been busy making valentine cards for area nursing home residents. Pictured from left to right: Jeremiah Moore, Joey Leeworthy, School Prinicipal Allison Glass, Damien Fritz and Kaliaunna Hall.

Nursing home residents at White Oak Nursing Home in Warren and Woodlands at Austinwoods in Austintown are about to be showered with greetings of warmth and love this Valentine’s Day. Students at Summit Academy Community School – Warren Elementary have been busy making personalized valentine cards for residents at the two facilities.

The project follows the school’s “Work Hard and Be Kind” philosophy, says Principal Allison Glass, who wants to teach her students that being considerate and thinking of others are important to community-building.

“Often times, we forget about the elderly, and they are such an important part of our communities. We wanted to make sure they know how important they still are and how we care for them,” Principal Glass says. “It is also important to teach our students that contributing positively doesn’t always have to be about donating money or things. Simply taking the time to make a card is a great way to give back and makes a large impact on others’ lives.”

The inspiration behind the sentimental project comes from memories Principal Glass recalls of her grandmother taking her, as a child, to visit her great-great aunt at a nursing home. The pair would stroll along and visit others at the nursing home who were alone, without guests.

Heartfelt Valentine’s Day sentiments from Summit Academy – Warren Elementary students to the wonderful residents at White Oak Nursing Home and Woodlands at Austinwoods.

“It made a big impact on my life as a young girl,” Principal Glass says, explaining how a recent conversation she had with her school’s administrative assistant brought back memories of the joy residents expressed in the company of the duo.

Distracted by tolls of the pandemic, many may have forgotten about those in the community who are not out and about, Principal Glass explains. This gesture of care, she hopes, will remind the elderly and others in nursing homes that they have not been forgotten.