Caring community member Beth Powers (left) donates a djembe drum to Summit Academy Cincinnati Transition High School’s 4Hands program founded by music teacher Christopher Smith (right).

The beat goes on for the 4Hands program at Summit Academy Transition High School – Cincinnati thanks to musical instrument donations, such as that of a djembe drum by Beth Powers. 4Hands, the brainchild of music teacher Christopher Smith, awards refurbished donated rock band instruments to deserving student-musicians.

Powers of Glendale passed on her drum to “Music Man” Smith last week. She says she hopes her contribution to 4Hands influences a student’s life in a way only music can.

“I have witnessed, firsthand, the power of music to build confidence and help kids, especially those looking for a way to fit in or a place to shine, to find their passion and feel the satisfaction of their hard work turning into accomplishment and pride,” Powers says.

The daughter of two artists (her father was a Cincinnati Public Schools art teacher and singer and her mother, a pianist and singer), Powers describes her appreciation for music and the 4Hands program. “I know full well the power of music in a young person’s life,” she says, explaining that she has worked with young people in musicals and band for years. “I love the whole concept of the 4Hands program. It can bring meaning, purpose and pure joy to these young people that will last a lifetime.”

Having both a son and brother who are drummers, Powers says she hopes the small, goblet drum fits the bill for a passionate musician too limited on space to accommodate a full drum set, but big with ambition. Principal Steven Geresy is confident that it could very well become a life-changer.

“Thanks to Beth’s generosity – and that of others in the community —  we can change the lives of our students and families,” Geresy says.

Those interested in contributing to 4Hands may contact Christopher Smith at or 513-549-3828.