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Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan

Our vision for alternative learners

Summit Academy Schools provide a structured safe haven for alternative learners. Compassionate teachers deliver highly specialized curriculum designed to engage children where they are developmentally delayed. With a therapeutic approach, Summit Academy Schools are a non-profit that foster belonging and social acceptance for every child.


We are the first special needs Whole Brain Teaching Pilot School in the country!!!!  What is Whole Brain Teaching?

Our teachers use research based Whole Brain Teaching, which is a grass roots, education reform movement.  Based on cutting edge scientific research, Whole Brain Teaching recognizes that students learn the most when they are engaged in lessons that involve seeing, hearing, doing, speaking and feeling.  Our students with disabilities respond very well to this methodology as the teachers teach in short lessons peppered with learning opportunities to be highly energetic.  Whole Brain entertainingly engages students and allows them to teach information to each other while gesturing.  This method steers away from the typical lecture by 1 teacher to a whole group.  Teachers receive ongoing professional development through modeling, book studies and conferences.


All Summit Academy Schools are tuition-free, non-profit community schools for alternative learners. They are specifically designed for students with AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related disorders. This school is a non-profit school 501(c) (3).