Gina Nash, Director of Food Services, Summit Academy Management

Summit Academy Management welcomes new Director of Food Services Gina Nash. Gina brings 17 years of experience in food service direction including positions at Educational Empowerment Group, White Hat Management and most recently Pisanick Partners. At Pisanick, Gina served as a consultant to seven local school districts including Summit Academy Schools.

“After visiting the schools and assessing Summit Academy’s diverse food service program I recognized how I could enhance the program by dedicating 100 percent focus on it,” Gina says. “I am passionate about making sure the students are served nutritious, healthy meals that are not only compliant with USDA guidelines, but that they look forward to having.”

Among Gina’s previous roles, as the director for White Hat Management for over seven years she honed her expertise in the field, overseeing food service programs for more than 30 schools. Amid her multiple duties, Gina ensured the programs met or exceeded USDA health guidelines and successfully completed audits.

Gina says she looks forward to placing a special emphasis on bringing students meals that will not only nourish but delight them.

“I’m excited about making a difference, working with vendors to ensure our students receive highly nutritious and tasty hot meals that will not only satisfy their needs but fuel them for success in the classroom,” says Gina. She adds that that she looks forward to introducing foods that complement cultural traditions, flavorful spices that substitute salt and more whole foods.

“We’re delighted to have Gina with us,” says Treasurer David Hoskin. “With her experience, we are confident students will enjoy tasty meals that meet or exceed their nutritional needs as growing children.”