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Welcome to our school!

Our mission is to meet the academic, social and emotional growth of high school students dealing with ADD, AD/HD, Aspergers, and other emotional challenges. Our small student to teacher ratio in every classroom helps our students experience academic growth. We incorporate Physical Education, Art, Music, and sports to further enrich our students’ learning potential. It is our job to help students achieve a high school diploma, while finding a path for their future.

Our vision for alternative learners

Summit Academy Schools provide a structured safe haven for alternative learners. Compassionate teachers deliver highly specialized curriculum designed to engage children where they are developmentally. With a therapeutic approach, Summit Academy Schools are a non-profit that foster belonging and social acceptance for every child.

All Summit Academy Schools are tuition-free, non-profit community schools for alternative learners. They are specifically designed for students with AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related disorders. This school is a non-profit school 501(c) (3).