Beth & David

I am writing this letter to let congressmen, senators, and other know how much we appreciate and need the Summit Academy School in Middletown, Ohio.

My son Danny has only been attending Summit Academy since September 2005, but it has made a huge difference in Danny’s academic and social life as well as our family’s home life. Danny has much more self confidence and is finally excelling at school. He loves his new school life and its curriculum (especially the Martial Arts Program).

We have enrolled Danny in both public and private schools over the past 7 years and have been frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged by the inability of the staff and administration to meet Danny’s unique needs. Danny was diagnosed with ADD in 2nd grade and has always struggled with reading as well as social skills. We hired tutors, experienced homework battles, and went to bed many evenings at the end of our rope because we just couldn’t get Danny to be “one of the sheep” in the mainstream school system.

I have told others about the Summit Academy School system and highly recommend it to anyone who has a child that struggles with ADD, ADHD, or Asperger’s Disorder.

If it weren’t for Summit Academy, we would be back to where we were a year ago- looking for an affordable school that can work with Danny’s special needs. We have finally found the answer, so please do not discontinue this type of school as it is a huge benefit to so many needy children. Without Summit Academy, our specially gifted children will be left behind without hope and the help that they deserve.

Beth & David