When Summit Academy put out a call for special teachers to honor during Teacher Appreciation Week, the floodgates opened. The task to salute one exceptional teacher in each Summit Academy school proved nearly impossible. The truth is, as CEO John Guyer stated in his recent letter of gratitude our amazing educators, they are, “hands down, the best teachers to be found.”

They come to their classrooms every day with open hearts and open minds. They bring a deep-rooted desire to ensure their students thrive academically, rejoice socially and feel safe and understood emotionally. They prepare them to move into the future with confidence and conviction that the world is their canvas, because it is.

Meet some of those exceptional educators…

Amanda Addicott

Third grade

Second year at Summit Academy – Youngstown

I love teaching students and watching the light bulb go off and the joy on their faces when they finally grasp a concept! It truly never gets old.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in first grade and came home to put my mom’s heels on and walk around talking to my “class.” It is amazing that I get to live out my childhood dream every day and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing kids!”


Paige Conner

Second- and third-grade

Second year at Summit Academy Community School – Dayton

“Teaching is my passion; I love the look on a student’s face when the lesson clicks with them.  I had amazing teachers who helped me learn as I was growing up and I want to do the same for my own students.”



Tremaine “Tre” Davis

High school science/Intervention Specialist

Fourteenth year at Summit Academy Transition High School – Cincinnati

“It is hard to believe that I have been here for a significant amount of time. I am grateful for the opportunities to work with diverse learners and amazing educators that put the needs of our students first. I love the fact that I still find ways to improve on lessons and maintain engagement in the classroom setting.

“I first got into teaching after completing an assignment at the Department of Energy Fernald remediation site. It was a charter school called Harmony Community School. I loved the small family atmosphere of the school which has carried me to where I am today.

“The small classroom sizes and the moments when I get to see the expressions on my students faces change from confusion to excitement definitely keep me coming back! I wish I could say that I chose teaching. Teaching has been a part of my family lineage from my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins … After I shared with my mom that I fell in love with teaching, she commented “I knew you would be good at it!” She was my greatest teacher!”


Amanda Hart

Instructional Aide

Third year at Summit Academy Community School – Xenia

Amanda exudes joy and flexibility. She is an accommodating teacher who does  everything she can to help every child be successful. She is extremely passionate about everything she does and never complains. Her calmness, kindness and excellent attitude are such a blessing to all students and staff.



Heidi Hiznay

Music Teacher

Third year at Summit Academy – Toledo

“I consider it a privilege to teach the history, culture, and theory of all things music!

“Our goal in the music room is to expand our world a little bit more each day by providing new tools, information and experiences.

“From Dolly Parton to Rod Wave, from jazz to swing music and from the Harlem Renaissance to the British invasion, at Summit Toledo, we LOVE music!

“I am beyond blessed to just be a small part of the journey for our students.”


Nicole Kunzler

Second grade

Second year at Summit Academy Community School – Middletown

“I honestly feel like teaching chose me. All growing up, people said I should be a teacher because I was so good with kids. But I defiantly said, “NO!” All that changed when I took a child development class in college and realized that this made sense to me. I changed my major and entered the teaching profession.

“Ever since then, kids have become my world. I love learning different ways to work with them, teach them, help them, and support them.

“I love teaching at Summit Academy. It is a school that just makes sense. The way we talk and respond to the students, the way we interact with them, all of it. I love my students, they bring me joy, they drive me crazy, they make me laugh, they make me cry (good and bad tears), they are the reason I do what I do. I truly feel like I have found a home here and I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else.”


Maggie Lauer 

High school history

Second year at Summit Academy Secondary School – Canton

“I enjoy teaching at Summit Academy because I have enjoyed watching students grow into mature individuals over time and due to the supportive teacher and admin team!

“I chose to go into teaching because I had a history teacher in high school who had acknowledged my work and interest in history, and I wanted to pass the same experience onto other students!”

Sidebar: This picture portrays a typical sight of Ms. Lauer with coffee in hand, a smile on her face and her lanyard of “go to” teaching items (walkie talkie, keys, and her classroom microphone).”


Lauren Mazoros

Third grade

Seventeenth year at Summit Academy Community School – Warren

“I enjoy teaching for the deep connections and relationships with my students and co-workers. Each year I love ❤️ building a classroom family that learns and grows in both academic and social areas. It’s amazing watching my past and present students grow and change over the years!”



Jamie McElhiney


Second year at Summit Academy Community School – Columbus

“My journey began as a high school swim team coach in 2016, initially coaching my own children…

“Last year, I embarked on a new chapter by joining Summit Academy Schools in Columbus. This opportunity presented me with several challenges, each of which has served to strengthen my capabilities as an educator.

“What resonates deeply with me about teaching is the profound joy of witnessing students’ growth and knowing that I am an integral part of facilitating positive change in their lives, laying the foundation for their educational journey.”


Mitch Meikle

High school math

First year at Summit Academy Secondary School – Middletown

“I choose teaching because I love to learn, and I love to see other people discover that they love to learn as well.

“What I enjoy most about teaching is the hilarious moments in class that teachers get to have every day.”



Elaine Poling

High school science/math

Second year at Summit Academy Warren Middle and Secondary

“I love teaching young people about biology and the world they’re a part of, and I love teaching math. It’s awesome! My favorite part of teaching, though, is seeing a student go from not understanding to seeing that light bulb go off and suddenly they can do it. They can do hard things!”



Brad Saylor

High school social studies/history/criminal justice

22 years at Summit Academy Secondary School – Akron

“I love teaching because of the challenges it brings to you each and every day. I enjoy seeing students’ progress beyond anything they ever thought they would be capable of achieving.

“Education seemed to be in my blood growing up. I loved school and admired many of my teachers. I had teachers who were actors, comedians, politicians and those who were very down to earth, open and honest. This is my method to teaching. You take all these different platforms and combine them into one. Students want to see and hear from you the real person. This allows you to be more approachable, trustful and believable. It has worked for this long so why reinvent the wheel.

“Growing up as a child my mother was a nanny so I would help kids with their homework, participate in activities and assist in social skills. So when I went off to Kent State University it was a no brainer that I was going into education. I set my pre-major in education but while there I began to work in security for the university alongside the Kent State Police Department. My love instantly became criminal justice and police work. …I decided to major in both fields and let the cards fall where they fall. Well as you can tell the cards fell in the direction of teaching and here I am 24 years later. My passion is teaching, my passion is my students, and I would not trade it for anything in the world.”


Lauren Stotzer

Fourth-grade teacher

First year at Summit Academy Community School – Canton

“What I most enjoy about teaching is being with my students and getting to build relationships with them.  I love getting to be a light in their life and helping them learn new things. It makes me happy when we are working through a lesson and I can see that they are understanding and enjoying the material.

“I chose to become a teacher because I want to make an impact in this world. I want to be a positive person in people’s lives who can help them be the best that they can be. I love working with children and watching them grow each day.”


Adrian Sullivan

K-4, 7-8 Intervention Specialist

Fifth year at Summit Academy Community School – Cincinnati

“What I enjoy most about teaching is watching students gain confidence in their abilities. That moment when they realize “Oh, I actually CAN do this!” will never get old!”




Cody “Coach” Timbs

PE Teacher

Ninth year at Summit Academy – Lorain schools

“Coach” is always willing to pitch in where needed without hesitation. He has graciously covered classes during specials time and helps out in the classrooms as well!




Hannah Triplett

Second grade

First year at Summit Academy Akron Elementary School

Hannah is flexible and always willing to pitch in where needed in the building. She is an amazing colleague and team player. She takes feedback well and immediately implements it. She is passionate about the schools’ students, always advocating for their individual needs. She will work with the students who have the most difficult behaviors and always is searching for interventions that work best.

Hannah brings laughter to the classroom and the students love being in her room. [They] are engaged and want to learn because of her excitement that she brings to the lesson!

Hannah brings a smile to the building each and every day! Her school family loves working with her!


Destinee Walter-Green

6-8 Language Arts

First year at Summit Academy Middle School – Columbus

“The thing I enjoy most about teaching is connecting with students who aren’t used to the feeling of success and helping to lift them up and raise their confidence in their work. It’s always nice to see the way they light up, even the most shy or tough student, when they realize they understand what I am asking.”



Dustin Williams

Social Studies, PE, Mind/Body and Fitness, Health, Senior Rise up, Fitness Club, Fine Arts Club assistance, Leadership Team, CPI Team

10th year at Summit Academy Transition High School – Dayton

“I have taught at Summit for 10+ years and it’s become my life mission to be there for the kids who find their way to Dayton THS.”





Robert Wood

9-12 Transition Resource Room

Ninth year at Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus

“Teaching is really rewarding. It’s satisfying to see children progress both academically and non-academically as rounded young people who are the future of our country. You might not realize it, but you are the student’s role model and that is something not to be taken lightly.”