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Teacher Qualifications


Cheryl Elliott

Our vision for alternative learners

Enroll at Summit Academy- Columbus Community School (K-5th Grade). Summit Academy is a safe haven for children with learning challenges.  We have a highly qualified staff that work in cohesion to create a positive, encouraging, and helpful environment for students to learn and flourish. We realize that children learn and function in a unique way. Instead of treating a learning challenge as a problem, we embrace it and discover new ways to teach based on our students’ special needs.  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is the framework we use to support the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral abilities of all students.  If you would like more information about our school, please call 614-237-5497.

Individualized Learning

Our school is highly beneficial for children with social and learning disorders including ADHD, Autism, and Autism Spectrum Disorder because we are able to keep our classroom sizes small and get to know each student’s special needs and ways of learning. We also have various curriculums to meet each student’s needs and bridge the gap in education, along with frequent assessments to monitor and ensure growth in our students.

Our Facility

Columbus Community School is well equipped for various in-school activities. Our facility includes a multipurpose room that includes our gym, cafeteria, and dojo, which is a space where students practice martial arts and relieve stress. Each student has access to a Chromebook to better enhance their learning process, and Smart Boards are present in each classroom for the same reason.

Well-Rounded Education

We believe in the importance of having a well-rounded educational experience, which is why we integrate art, music, and martial arts into our curriculum. We also hold many events for our students to enjoy after school hours including:

  • Math Nights
  • Literacy Nights
  • Board Breaking Ceremony
  • Field Day
  • and more!
All Summit Academy Schools are tuition-free, non-profit community schools for alternative learners. They are specifically designed for students with AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related disorders. This school is a non-profit school 501(c) (3).