Third grade students in Tria Hummel and Amber Sloan’s class sport gear touting their favorite teams.

“The beat goes on.” Even without the lyrics as a clue, Cher look-alike Sierra Sheets, a kindergarten teacher’s aide at Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners – Canton, nailed it with her costume commemorating Celebrity Day, yesterday. In a fun twist, student Kristen dressed like Miss Sheets. The day kicked off National School Choice Week, which both Summit Academy – Canton schools are celebrating this week.

Kindergarten TA Sierra Sheets dressed like Cher for Celebrity Day at CANELE and student Kristen dressed like Miss Sheets!

“At Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners – Canton and Summit Academy Secondary School – Canton, we are thankful for school choice and the options it provides for our families. Having the ability to choose an educational program that fits the needs of individuals is a huge benefit in Ohio and we are grateful,” says Director Tiffany George. “We at Canton Elementary and Canton Secondary are partnering with National School Choice Week to celebrate our schools and the positive impact they have on learning in our community.”

Lisa Merrigan, 7th and 8th grade Intervention Specialist, shares team and school spirit with eighth-grade student Nathan.

Canton students and staff are celebrating throughout the week, wearing their favorite sports teams gear today; donning garb representing various stages of life, from newborn to senior citizen, tomorrow; and dressing in green and yellow school colors on Thursday. The shared activities nurture camaraderie and salute school spirit.

Sports fans Caleb and Ezra pose with second grade TA Emily Kramer in their favorite team gear.

“We are proud of our schools and excited to continue to grow in our community as more families learn who we are and what our programs provide,” George says.