Parma Instructional Aide Makes Generous Gesture with Her Cosmetology Talents: Gives Students Free Haircuts

Students at Summit Academy Parma are lining up for comb-overs, simple trims, shaved-side cuts and various other hair styles of their choice, courtesy of instructional aide/cosmetologist Nerjes Taweel. Twenty-one-year-old Taweel, a licensed cosmetologist pursuing a social work degree at Cleveland State University, has set up a mini, pop-up hair salon in the school’s conference room. … Continued

Teachers Tap for Classroom Wish List Items

An armful of Etch A Sketch pads here, a few rolls of duct tape there. It all adds up. Kelly Granda, an art teacher at Summit Academy Community School in Parma, knows all too well the high cost of classroom supplies.  She discovered a resource to help keep her from dipping into her own pockets … Continued