As students and staff members at the new Summit Academy – Xenia high school wrap up their first full week of school, they are doing so on several high notes. First impressions of the new building on the school community have been nothing short of positive.

“We have more space and can do more in this building,” says senior MaLayna Nelson, who has attended Summit Academy since the fourth grade. Malayna predicts students will take pride in their spacious building and realize new learning opportunities, as she draws on the example of science lab experiments.

Junior Luke Beiring, a Summit Academy student since the second grade, shares MaLayna’s sentiments. “It’s a lot bigger [than the former modular units] and more professional,” says Luke, adding that the building leaves a sense of permanence and stability.

Principal Marissa Raux and Assistant Principal Travis Brewer say they are delighted with the new building as a positive academic environment. On this, their first full week of the 2023-2024 school year, students catch up with each other as they mill about on the new, outdoor canopied walkway. Inside, brand-new chairs and desks fill classrooms abundant with natural light, educational posters and lively lessons.

“Having more space allows us to better meet students’ needs,” adds Behavior Specialist Kim Beisel. She says, for example, students facing challenges such as PTSD will find quiet corners in the new building, where they can step apart from others. “Also, students have pride in this new building and want to treat it well.”

Architect Alan Scherr, who served as a liaison on building project between Summit Academy and Vancon, the contractor, sums it up succinctly. “Summit Academy is established as a leader in that it can offer students what they need to be successful, [here] … in a positive environment,” he says.