Some members of the Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus Class of 2023 pose with their principal, Tina Geygan, at far right. Students from l-r: Tyier Harris- Bebbs, prom king; Honors recipient Amaiya Hill, also named prom queen; Valedictorian Dazsha Pacel; and Eclipse Hernandez.

From spa day to game day, prom to graduation, shark teeth to tacos and much more in between, Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus’ May calendar is filled to capacity. Principal Tina Geygan shares the celebratory events the school community will enjoy through the end of the school year.

Food, dancing, photos by Jonathon Ridley, a character artist and decorations fit for a queen and king suit “The Royal Ball” theme for the school’s May 20  prom. Members of the student body elected Amaiya Hill as prom queen and Tyier Harris – Bebbs as their prom king.

Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus Valedictorian Dazsha Pace.

The Class of 2023 graduation ceremony takes place less than a week after prom, on May 26 at the school. Congratulations, graduating seniors Tyier Harris – Bebbs; Eclipse Hernandez; Honors recipient, Amaiya Hill; Salutatorian Thomas Muncy; Valedictorian Dazsha Pace; and Ernesto Espada-Preslicka.

Principal Geygan says that before graduation, every student will have completed required testing. Hence, on May 16 they will be “rewarded for their fine efforts during testing with Taco Tuesday.” She adds that her students have shown tremendous growth in their reading.

A school-wide art contest will follow on May 17. “This is going to be one amazing art contest,” says Geygan. “All students have been working diligently on art pieces such as clay sculptures, character art, still life art and much more for this event.”

An acrylic abstract painting titled “Happiness” landed its creator, Damion McCoy, a freshman at Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus, with The Principal’s Award for the Most Unique Painting Award. The budding artist says he titled his artwork after the feelings of freedom and happiness he felt while working on the piece.

Students will select their favorite art pieces to be judged by a panel of teachers and administrative staff. The judges can expect a difficult challenge as they critic pieces ranging from experimental art made of bleached black T-shirts to artwork in motion.

Family members will gather at the school on May 18 to enjoy the students’ displayed artwork at the 2023 Art Show. That same day, they will cheer on students as they present their therapeutic martial arts skills, including board breaking, at their end-of-year promotion ceremony. Sifu Nathaniel Tisdale will lead students through this special event.

Job and science fairs will follow on May 19 and 22, respectively. At the job fair, students will meet with local business representatives and hear presentations from various speakers about their careers. At the science fair, students will exhibit whole-class projects including those on horticulture and the human heart.

The school will also host Spa Day with Mom and Game Day with Dad on May 22. “All students need a little pampering at the end of the year. With testing over and the school year ending, it was the perfect time to have a spa day,” says Principal Geygan, who is a licensed managing cosmetologist. She will be joined by licensed cosmetologist Diana Shelton to provide pre-prom facials and manicures for students, parents and grandparents.

Meanwhile, for game day, parents, grandparents and other family members can join their children to play a favorite board or video game. A special adult vs. student basketball toss will also be held with family members and teachers playing against students. “This is going to be the best game day ever,” says Geygan, adding that “after everyone is all tuckered out from basketball, lunch will be provided.”

Student accolades will ensue at the high school’s end-of-year Awards Ceremony on May 24. Awards will be presented accordingly:

Principal’s Most Improved Award: Damion McCoy

Teacher Hasani Carter’s Senior Science Award: Amaiya Hill

Teacher Michaela Harbach’s Mathematical Excellence Algebra 1: Allen Adkins

Teacher Michaela Harbach’s Mathematical Excellence Algebra 2: Kaleb Cook

Administration’s Sports Excellence Award:  Xavier Pryor

Teacher Robert Wood’s Most Improved Award: Joshua Moxley

Teacher Robert Wood’s Most Helpful Award: Fatou Manneh

Teacher Nathan Zoebl’s Writing Award: Mark Perdue

Principal’s Leadership Award: Emily Sullivan, Jada Lester, Mark Perdue, Quantel Ranson, Chantel Ranson and Kaleb Cook

Summit Academy Transition High School – Columbus teacher Robert Woods displays shark teeth he will present in a special exhibit for students on May 25.

“Each one of these students are deserving of this award based on their overall personal performance,” says Geygan about the Principal’s Leadership Award recipients.

Finally, the school year will conclude with a shark tooth exhibition on May 25 by teacher Robert Wood who has been collecting rare shark teeth for years. Some of his specimens date back thousands of years.

“He has decided to bring his museum to Summit Academy for all the students to see,” Principal Geygan says, noting that the collection includes shark jaws,  jet black Megalodon shark teeth and fossils.