Summit Academy – Toledo Teen Girls to be Showered with Messages of Self-Worth and Empowerment Plus Plenty of Pampering

From l-r, Summit Academy – Toledo Santasia Boone (named 2023 valedictorian), Principal Marquita Murphy, senior Max Hill and Community Resource Coordinator Shevella Stokes prepare for the school’s Empowerment Day, themed after the book, “I Am Enough” by Grace Byers.

Self-worth, empowerment and inspiration: These are the takeaways girls in grades 8-12 can expect from tomorrow’s “I Am Enough” empowerment program at their school, Summit Academy – Toledo.

Principal Marquita Murphy and Community Resource Coordinator Shevella Stokes are ready to roll out the red carpet for the students as well as for an impressive lineup of guest speakers at the March 23, 9 a.m.-noon Empowerment Day at the school, at 301 Collingwood Boulevard in Toledo, curated especially for Women’s History Month.

From left to right, Summit Academy – Toledo Principal Marquita Murphy, senior Santasia Boone, senior Max Hill and Community Resource Coordinator Shevella Stokes prepare materials for the vision boards students will create under the guidance of school board member, LaToya Williams, during tomorrow’s Empowerment Day for girls in grades 8-12.

Manicures, hairstyling, braiding, vision board creation, motivational speakers and brunch will make for an action-packed event focused on “having positive role models from the community loving on our young ladies. I want them all to look at themselves and dig deep and know how much they are worth,” Principal Murphy says.

In addition to lots of nurturing, the students will also receive hardcover copies of the book “I Am Enough” by Grace Byers. The books were donated by Leadership Coach Dr. Patrice A. McClellan, who runs her own successful business.  In keeping with the theme of self-reflection and worth, students also will receive gift bags with handheld mirrors, journals with pens and manicure sets.

“Girls don’t hear a lot of positive messages. They hear that they cry too much, that they are too emotional and that they are too loud. They are made to feel like the weaker gender,” says senior Santasia Boone, Summit Academy Toledo’s Class of 2023 Valedictorian. “I’m excited to hear some motivational words from the women speakers.”

“I think it will be the perfect opportunity for the younger high school girls to receive inspiration to push through because high school can be hard and stress is high on girls,” adds senior Max Hill, a student athlete whose specialty sport is broomball.

Writer, music teacher, life coach, poet and school board member LaToya Williams will lead students through the process of creating vision boards while Chef Keitha West Sheares of Hotbox Bistro will prepare a special brunch for the girls. Students will hear talks from entrepreneurs and community leaders including Gina Shubeta, a public education officer and firefighter with the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, and Phelicia Showers, an educational leadership administrator and quality assurance manager, among others.

“I am excited to see many smiles on the faces of our young ladies as they witness how hard work and dedication pay off, learn that they are enough and discover that they can overcome any obstacle if they put their mind to it,” says Stokes. “I also think the girls will be excited about getting pampered, which some may have never received before, and that’s going to be huge!”