Summit Academy Secondary School – Akron Chess Club members practice on a chess board Summit Academy CEO John Guyer built and played on as a teen. The pawns, knights and other pieces were hand-carved by Mr. Guyer’s sister-in-law. The team plans to bring the set to its  upcoming matches and tournaments for good luck.

Chess aficionado and Summit Academy CEO John Guyer passed along a hopeful good-luck charm to the Akron Secondary School Chess Club. Just before the holidays, Mr. Guyer gave the club members the chess board he played on when he was teenager. A longtime avid chess player, Mr. Guyer built the board using his woodworking skills and his sister-in-law hand-carved the game pieces. Club Advisor Justin Bruce says the students plan to bring the heirloom set to their matches and tournaments this season, anticipating the cherished gift will bring them a few wins.

“The team is still working hard to end our season strong and get ready for the league tournament on President’s Day,” Bruce says.

Summit Academy will compete against Revere High School in a virtual match on January 19. They will travel to Copley High School and Akron Early College for in-person matches the following week.

Good luck, team!