Therapy dog Harper Hope and student Charles enjoy mutually rewarding therapy time at Summit Academy Akron Elementary.

Summit Academy Akron Elementary School has openings for families seeking an alternative educational setting, one where small-group, tiered instruction that meets the individual needs of students is the norm.

The public, nonprofit, tuition-free community school is currently accepting enrollment applications for students in kindergarten through third grades for the 2021-2022 school year. Principal Dawn Presley describes her school’s environment as family friendly and specializing in serving students who learn differently, such as those who are diagnosed with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“Students who may have difficulty in traditional public schools, who can’t focus or sit still or who need more hands-on activities, come here and feel like they fit in with their peers and their teachers are very receptive to them,” Presley describes. She adds that the school’s small classes (no more than 20 students to a classroom) include both a general education teacher and intervention specialist who are able to form a bond with students and give them the attention they need to thrive in an educational environment.

Summit Academy Akron Elementary School hosts regular Family and Parent Plug-In Nights and offers therapeutic martial arts, a positive behavior awards program, and teacher/student mentoring among other programming. Committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where students reach their full potential, the school also has highly qualified specialists on staff, including a behavior specialist who is a licensed social worker, an occupational therapist, instructional coordinator, speech therapist, and others.

“Our teachers and entire staff are passionate about the mission of our school, which is to educate and advocate for students with special needs,” Presley says. “Every day is a clean slate.”

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